Autumn Security
12 January 2013

It´s a sad fact that whilst Halloween and Bonfire Night are great fun and the perfect opportunity for the family to get out in the crisp autumn evenings and socialise with friends, family and local residents, they can also bring out the worst in some people.

AVIVA conducted research last year, which showed that the week between October 30th and November 5th 2011 saw a rise in burglaries and vandalism against properties. It can't have escaped your notice that these dates include Halloween and Bonfire Night.

Halloween saw a massive 150% rise in malicious damage claims against homes and gardens. Bonfire Night was the worst night in the year for reported burglaries, increasing by 28%. During the specified week, break-ins rose by 26% in comparison to the rest of the year's weekly average.

Sadly it seems that the darker nights and prospect of families going out to enjoy Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night is simply too much temptation for criminals. However, there are ways that you can protect yourself and your Essex property.

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