Summer Security
1 March 2013

Just a reminder for you as we enjoy the open doors and open windows in a better than usual British summer! Unfortunately, criminals are enjoying this weather too!

  • Greater rate of crime in urban areas than rural, 3 times
  • Theft Of Vehicles, average cost £5000 per incident
  • Burglary entry obtained, average cost £1000 per incident. Our Average alarm Costs £500.
  • Other crime types average costs ranging from £35 to £350 per incident
  • Theft accounts similar proportion of total crime in 2012 as 2002, 4 out of 5
  • Maintain and help increase feeling of security
  • Alarms - works, used and serviced, monitored
  • Business security survey, opportunity to review and improve measures to reduce crime

Security doesn’t only protect the expensive stuff inside, it protects the people in it and your home.

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