CCTV monitoring around local pubs and clubs, so police can crack down on drink drivers.
17 December 2013

CCTV operators will be keeping an eye on people leaving pubs and clubs in an effort to spot drink drivers, and clamp down before any accidents occur.

The news came after police launched their seasonal clampdown on festive drink-driving. A total of 35 people have already been caught, just ten days after police started focusing more than usual on drink-drivers in a run-up to the holiday season.

The force is - Asking operators who monitor CCTV feeds in towns to be on the look out for potential drinkdrivers leaving pubs and clubs - Mounting extra patrols to catch drivers who are over the limit - Using automatic number plate recognition cameras to pick out vehicles belonging to previous offenders, so they can be stopped and checked - Asking bar staff and the public to report anyone they think is drink-driving. 

Adam Pipe, Essex Police's casualty reduction manager, said: “Drink-driving is taking a risk, not only with your own life, but those of your passengers and other innocent people on the road. “It can result in a criminal record, the loss your driving licence, or a fine of as much as £5,000. If you kill or injure someone you could face as long as 14 years in prison."

Peak Security said "Drinking and driving can cause devastating consequences not just to yourself but to others around you, so jump in a taxi or call a freind as it will save someone from a horrid accident."

Last year, 3,263 people were breathalysed in Essex in December and 126 were found to be over the limit. This year, the first ten days of December saw 1,271 people stopped and tested and 35 found to be over the limit.

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If you suspect someone to be drink-driving please call as it could save a life, dial 999 or 101, or contact Crimestoppers, anonymously on 0800 555111.

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