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What is CCTV Security?

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A CCTV (closed circuit television) system comprises of cameras, digital video recorder and single or multiple screen/monitor.

Cameras can be of fixed type or moveable (PTZ, Pan Tilt Zoom). There are two common choices :

  • Colour CCTV Camera, suitable for operation during the day
  • Day / Night CCTV Camera, suitable for 24hr operation and providing colour images during the day, and black
    and white at night.

Good lighting is essential and we can provide lighting services where required. Infra-red lighting can be used
to enhance night images.

Modern recorders are digital, providing vast storage capability to a hard drive and hence storage drives don't require changing as old tape systems did and can be classed as zero maintenance.

Live and recorded images can be easily viewed locally and remotely on a PC.

We provide a full CCTV service covering survey, installation and maintenance.

Existing CCTV installations

As well as installion of new CCTV systems, we can also repair and maintain existing CCTV systems.

Where is CCTV used?

  • Commercial security - shopping centres, shops, stores, business premises, car park
  • Industrial security - industrial estates, business parks, warehouses
  • Domestic security - residential, flat, house, home, private security,
  • Public sector security - schools, colleges, forces, libraries, councils
  • Retail security - shopping precinct, shopping malls, arcades, parades, high street
  • Entertainment security - clubs, pubs, halls, community centres, village halls, sports clubs, scout huts
  • Church and Charity security

All CCTV systems come with our unique FREE DOUBLE WARRANTY, providing you with complete piece of mind.

If you are in and have requirements for CCTV, Access Control, Intercoms, Intruder Alarm, Gate Security, Disability Solutions and Remote Monitoring then please contact Peak Security, Rayleigh, Essex and we will evaluate your requirements and recommend the best solution for you.

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