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Firstly, although the majority of insurance policies automatically cover theft and vandalism, we do suggest that you double check to make sure. If you are planning on going to a party or one of the many public events in Basildon and the local area to celebrate Halloween or Bonfire Night, make sure you lock all doors and windows.

But of course, nothing beats a house alarm. Covering Basildon and the surrounding areas, Peak Security Systems Ltd recommends installing a wireless intruder alarm, which is perfect for residential properties. Ideal for all types of homes, it provides additional security for families, people living alone or elderley relatives who you may otherwise worry about.

There are many benefits to a wireless intruder alarm:

  • No mess
  • No cables
  • No need to redecorate
  • Quick and easy to install and operate
  • Two year warranty
  • Flexible payment options - can be purchased and installed from as little as £25 per month with deposit of £100

Clients are provided with a wireless key fob, meaning that activating and deactivating is as easy as unlocking your car; you can turn the alarm on and off from outside the house before you even enter. There are no codes to remember; no panicked dash to a control panel whilst tripping over shopping bags; it's completely stress-free.

If the alarm goes off while you are out, it will automatically call your phone to let you know. If you don't answer the call it will move on to the next specified contact number and then another until a reply is received. This service is provided at absolutely no extra cost.

Worried about your pet setting off the alarm? Not a problem! Unlike conventional sensors it is completely pet-friendly and will only set off when required.

For additional reassurance for those living alone, there is also a panic alarm on the key fob, which will not only set off the alarm, but will also call your chosen contact number if you are concerned about anything or anyone in your home. The alarm can be easily switched off again with the push of a button.

So rather than feeling vulnerable in your home or worrying about an elderly or frail relative, why not speak to Martin Hodson at Peak Security Systems Ltd today?

System Benefits

  • Wireless technology to detectors, bells or keyfobs do not require cabling which is awkward to fit, unsightly and usually disturb the dacor and appearance. Plus it makes it extremely easy to add additional sensors at a future date.
  • Easy setting and un-setting of the system from outside the premises is simple using the wireless keyfobs. No more panic to enter the code before the timer counts down.
  • A panic button feature is standard on the keyfobs and panel allowing the owner to sound the alarm and ring for help.
  • Immediate response can be made when you are informed by phone if an alarm incident happens. The speech dialler call gives you a quick warning that allows you to return to check broken windows and open doors preventing further unwelcome visitors or simply reducing damage by the elements.
  • The internal sounder and outside bell with flashing lights prevents the visitor from staying longer than they should do and helps to alert the neighbours.
  • Pets can be protected as well as the premises by fitting pet immune detectors that ignore small animals moving around.

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