Intercom Door Entry System

What is Intercom Door Entry System?

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Intercom Door Entry is an electronic method of allowing entry to a premises by an occupier.

Methods of communication can be via speech / audio panel or video panel.

An intercom door entry system allows the occupier to communicate with the visitor and allow entry if required, or to verify the purpose of visit. Your premises remains secure with the occupier authorising or allowing access to visitors.

Existing Intercom Door Entry System installations

As well as installion of new Intercom Door Entry systems, we can also repair and maintain existing Intercom Door Entry systems.

Where is Intercom Door Entry used?

  • Commercial security - shopping centres, shops, stores, business premises, car park
  • Industrial security - industrial estates, business parks, warehouses
  • Domestic security - residential, flat, house, home, private security
  • Public sector security - schools, colleges, forces, libraries, councils
  • Entertainment security - clubs, pubs, halls, community centres, village halls, sports clubs, scout huts
  • Church and Charity security

All Intercom Door Entry systems come with our unique FREE DOUBLE WARRANTY, providing you with complete piece of mind.

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