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The Company was incorporated and established in Essex in year 2000. The company was formed by Martin Hodson, with origins in the banking industry to distribute CCTV systems to the security market. From his previous background in the door entry and intruder sector this diversified to offering a supply and installation of a wide range of electronic security systems.

Business activity

Peak Security Systems Ltd specialises in the supply, installation, and maintenance of a wide range of security systems and take on repair of existing systems fitted by others. The Company has expertise in, and broad experience of CCTV and door entry encompassing remote transmission and network applications. The range of CCTV cameras include static & PTZ (Pan,Tilt & Zoom), vandal resistance, dome and housed cameras.

For special applications where cable runs are awkward to fit, or long distances cause picture distortion, Unscreened Twisted Pair devices are recommended which can replace bulky conventional coax cabling with optional CAT5 cable.

There are high security sites where our installations are certified to British Standard requirements.

Equipment has been fitted in many markets sectors, which include Financial, Education, Commerce, Public Sector, Retail, Leisure & Entertainment and many other applications. Our systems are in constant daily use for surveillance activity, and reviewing of recorded images. This particularly applies to Law Enforcement Agencies, which regularly use images for evidential purposes.


Involved with the company are key staff ranging from the directors, to sales administration, accounts personnel and installation engineers. We offer telephone sales, site surveys, quotations, & technical to support our operation.

Experience. With our 30 years of security experience, you get the right advice for your needs.


Do you know we are so Confident of our work quality we offer FREE DOUBLE WARRANTY on all parts, labour & call-outs. ThatÂ’s Guaranteed.

Peak Security understands the importance of installer/customer integrity and believes in a trustworthy relationship. As such, fast response and reliable advice before, during and after a project helps establish customer satisfaction.

Special services

Peak will offer their attributed design experience to any project they feel is within their field of expertise. This advice is offered without prejudice.

As well as offering consultancy for new installations, free advice & assessment on existing systems is also provided.

Members of Peak staff belong to a collection of associations, be it local security associations or product groups. They would be happy to assist with referrals or information should this be requested.

If you are in and have requirements for CCTV, Access Control, Intercoms, Intruder Alarm, Gate Security, Disability Solutions and Remote Monitoring then please contact Peak Security, Rayleigh, Essex and we will evaluate your requirements and recommend the best solution for you.

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